Performing Songwriter Announces Final Issue

Performing Songwriter
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As an independent music magazine with humble beginnings, we hate to say goodbye to a like-minded publication. But today, we're doing just that, as Performing Songwriter publisher/editor/founder Lydia Hutchinson recently announced that this month's issue will be the magazine's last.

Performing Songwriter began 16 years ago in Hutchinson's guest bedroom. The magazinegrew over the years, and at the time of this last issue, has a readership of about 150,000. Its cover has been graced by some of the most notable songwriters of our age, including Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Van Morrison, Aerosmith and Fleetwood Mac.

According to the open letter she published on the magazine's site, the ending is not a bitter one for Hutchinson. "There’s nothing I’ve ever let go of that wasn’t ripped to shreds with red, agonizing, regret-stained claw marks," she writes. "But not this time. This time there’s only a complete sense of peace and gratitude."

Although economic problems were not the main cause of the magazine's end, Hutchinson does mention it as a factor in her decision. "We know there’s a train coming in the form of an uncertain economy," the letter reads. "We know there are changes that need to be made due to the nature of both the print and music industries that will affect the essential spirit of the magazine and take it in a direction that’s not really true to itself. And we know the only thing we have control over is this moment and our decision to lay the magazine down on our terms."

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