Clear Channel Asks Weezer, The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, More to be DJs

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It's one thing to love a musician. It's a completely different thing to want to listen to their music 24/7, like some radio stations offer. Luckily, Clear Channel Radio and Front Line Management have an alternative. Their collaborative project, called "artist personal experience" (a.p.e.), will allow artists to produce their own 24-hour online radio stations. Currently, Weezer, the Eagles and Christina Aguilera are slated to kick off their stations next month.

All of the songs on the stations will be selected by the artists, and their own music (played sparingly) will be supplemented by exclusive interviews and commentary. Each station will feature about 1,000 songs, and will be updated weekly to include new content.

"We want artists to host the channels, tell stories and turn new fans on to new music," Evan Harrison, president of Clear Channel's digital division and CEO of a.p.e. radio, told Billboard. "It's really a different approach, and we wanted to give the artist the foundation and infrastructure to let them do their thing."

The a.p.e. stations will be available through local Clear Channel websites, widgets on the artists' sites and the iheartradio application for iPhones and BlackBerrys.

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