Whole In The Wall Exhibits 40 Years of Street Art

Whole in the Wall
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New York's Helenbeck Gallery is currently presenting Whole In The Wall, an exhibit of American and European street art from 1970 to now. Open through June 27, the exhibit showcases work by 15 painters and two sculptors whose portfolios are scattered throughout the world's cities on brick walls and concrete streets, as well as four photographers who have hit the pavement to document the others' work.

Curator Chantal Helenbeck is delighted to honor these artists, recognizing their public and often polarizing work as a legitimate artform, and to use the exhibit to explore the development of the street art movement over the past four decades.

Located in the Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan, the 25,000 square-foot space that hosts the exhibit is on loan to the Helenbeck Gallery from the Hudson Yards Development Corporation. HYDC is an organization dedicated to transforming this neighborhood in the far west side of Manhattan "from an underperforming industrial area into a thriving, 18-hour mixed use community that will welcome artists, residents, workers and tourists."

These intentions align gracefully with those of the exhibit; many of the featured artists are known for a trademark aesthetic that revives urban decay with beauty and wit. The lineup includes the elusive Banksy, who has animated London street scenes with vibrant and thoughtful political and social commentary, as well as the French Blek le Rat, Americans Blade and Crash and contemporaries from Spain, Denmark and Brazil. See the full list of artists here. 

In the spirit of public art, the Helenbeck Gallery offers complimentary admission to Whole In The Wall.

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