Almost Everything I Say Is True, Says Todd Snider's Upcoming Book

Todd Snider
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As you may have gleaned from Paste Associate Editor Steve LaBate's rather excellent interview with folkie maven Todd Snider, the dude has just added aspiring author to his resumé. As Snider explains, he's working on a book called Almost Everything I Say Is True, based in part on his notorious onstage banter:

"What I always say is, “Almost everything I say is true.” In fact, I’m working on a book right now called  Almost Everything I Say Is True. And I’m actually gonna tell the stories, and then I’m going to tell what’s real and what’s not. I got this guy named Dennis Cook, and he writes about The Black Crowes all the time, and him and I are going to get together and pick the 10 longest, most-told stories [of mine], and get them typed out, and then I’m going to give him the phone numbers of all the people I mention. And I’m gonna say, “Now, go hear the real story, and then you can come back and hit me like a lawyer, and write about your experience.” I’m going to tell him where the bodies are buried. [laughs] I’m looking forward to that."

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