Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Works on Charlie Chaplin Film Score

Bon Iver
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Nevermind Kid Rock and Lil Wayne. Come the first month of 2010, the collaboration du jour will be Charlie Chaplin and indie rock. More specifically, Chaplin's timeless work matched with a pair of recent headline grabbers: Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees' Chris Rosenau.

The pair who comprise the recently-formed Volcano Choir are uniting to perform a live score of Chaplin's Oscar-winning 1925 silent film The Gold Rushon Jan. 21 for the New York Guitar Festival. And since Volcano Choir's sound is said to be "experimental, textural and landscapey," we're thinking that the score for this classic Chaplin comedy might be a bit of a departure.

To find out more details about the show, the festival's schedule and how to score tickets, visit the Merkin Concert Hall's website.

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