Charles Manson Wants to Collaborate with Phil Spector, Prison-Style

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OK, we get it: Supergroupsand drool-worthy collaborations are in. It seems like everyone and their cat is teaming up these days, from drummers to bassists to monsters. But inmates?

It's true. When Charles Manson found out he was incarcerated in the same prison as Phil Spector, he approached the renowned producer through the medium of a prison guard to see if Spector was interested in collaborating on a musical project.

Spector turned down the idea, according to his wife, who told the New York Post's Page Six, "It was creepy. Philip didn't respond." Spector's publicist said the producer "has been very, very alarmed and scared at the notion of Charles Manson contacting him for any reason."

Manson has been involved in a few musical projects in prison before since he was first incarcerated in 1971. Only time will tell if he can persuade Spector to be part of a future one.

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