David Bowie to Re-Release "Space Oddity" With Special DIY Tilt

David Bowie
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These days, it seems like everyone is anxious to hop on the remix bandwagon, and pretty much anything is considered remixable. David Bowie is the latest to to catch the bug, and will re-release a special-edition EP of "Space Oddity" on July 20, the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's one giant leap for mankind.

The EP will feature four mixes of the original tune, as well as the song's eight original master tracks, which fans will be able to manipulate into their own mixes with any audio editing software, including iPhone app iKlax. The release date is certainly no accident. On his website, Bowie reminds us that the BBC used the song during its broadcast of the lunar landing, and that the original track was released just days before the monumental moonwalk.

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