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Bob Dylan
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Last week, the Beastie Boys announced they were sampling Bob Dylan on their upcoming album, but DJ ToToM has officially one-upped the duo, releasing an album's worth of Dylan tunes mashed up with other artists like Franz Ferdinand, the Pixies, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and David Bowie.

The French DJ made his name remixing Nine Inch Nails in a three-album set, Bootleg is Resistance, released last spring. Though Dylan purists may balk, ToToM keeps Dylan Mashed in line with his past work, integrating classic samples and modern beats with Dylan's folksy whine.

While some tracks miss the mark completely—like the Police-infused "I Can't Stand Along the Watchtower," and the offbeat "All Along the Love Lockdown" with Kanye West's 2008 hit—others are worth listening to. Franz Ferdinand offers a sinister backdrop for both "Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again" and "Outlaw Blues" on "Take Me Out Blues," while Gorillaz add a new dimension on "Fire Coming Out of Oxford Town." And since no mashup album is complete without some use of The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony," ToToM throws it over "Lay Lady Lay" for a mediocre but interesting jingly-jangly collaboration.

You can download Dylan Mashed for free at ToToM's website and listen to the entire album below.

1. I Can't Stand Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan vs. Police)
2. Freight Train Control (Bob Dylan vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
3. Rapture (Let me Follow You Down) (Bob Dylan vs. The Rapture)
4. Tambourines are from Barcelona (Bob Dylan vs. I'm from Barcelona)
5. The Man in Secret Plans (Bob Dylan vs. Eagles of Death Metal)
6. Subterranean Time Warp Blues (Bob Dylan vs. Rocky Horror Show)
7. Blowin' in my Mind (2009 version) (Bob Dylan vs. Pixies)
8. Fire Coming Out of Oxford Town (Bob Dylan vs. Gorillaz)
9. Take me Out Blues (Bob Dylan vs. Franz Ferdinand)
10. Knockin' on Ziggy's Big Ego (Bob Dylan & David Bowie vs. Dr. Dre)
11. All Along the Love Lockdown (Bob Dylan vs. Kanye West)
12. Make it in the Morning (Bob Dylan vs. Queens of the Stone Age)
13. Lay Bittersweet Lady (Bob Dylan vs. The Verve)
14. Knockin' on Ziggy's Door (long mix) (Bob Dylan vs. David Bowie)
15. Blowin' in America* (Bob Dylan vs. Razorlight)
16. Blowin' in my Mind (2009 version edit) (Bob Dylan vs. Pixies)
17. Blowin' in my Mind (1st version edit) (Bob Dylan vs. Pixies)

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