Earliest Tupac Recordings To Be Released As Shakurspeare

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Before he was a rap legend, Tupac Shakur was 17-year-old MC New York with dreams of becoming a Shakespearean actor. So says Darrin Keith Bastfield, CEO of Born Busy Records,  the main force behind the upcoming release of the rapper's earliest recordings, on an album titled Shakurspeare.

Bastfield, who grew up with Tupac in Baltimore, told AllHipHop.com that "the vocals to the songs we wrote were all recorded [a capella] in 1988 on a cassette tape." These vocals, extracted and remastered 13 years after the rapper's death, will be combined with contributions from modern producers and artists from the Baltimore area. The album art features Tupac in Shakespearean garb.

Shakurspeare will be released digitally Sept. 13 on Born Busy Records.

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Bastfield also helmed a book, Back in the Day: My Life and Times with Tupac Shakur in 2002.