Jay Reatard Announces West Coast Record-Store Tour as Documentary Release Nears

Jay Reatard
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West Coast, brace yourself. Jay Reatard, fresh off rocking and occasionally kicking faces in the East and the South has just announced you as his next conquest. Throughout the month of August, Jay will be preforming at various indie record shops along the Left Coast, promoting his upcoming blast of awesome, Watch Me Fall. The album doesn't come out until Aug. 18 (pre-order here), but if you're curious, our favorite rocktagenarians have already rendered their verdict.

Outside of touring, things have also been busy in Camp Reatard. In between pissing off Brooklyn and fighting with Buddyhead, Jay managed to film a brand-spankin' new video for "It Ain't Gonna Save Me." The video hasn't been released yet, but the production photos look very promising—especially for fans of pool parties and Stephen King's It. The new Reatard mini-documentary, Waiting for Something, will also be released on Aug. 4 via MySpace. Watch the trailer below: