Michael Cera, Tyler Perry, Other Unlikely Folks Invited to Join Academy of Motion Picture Arts

Michael Cera
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Amid some more radical changes to the Oscar show over the past couple of weeks, the annual additions don’t seem like an especially big deal. But given that none of the stars mentioned above have ever received a nomination, the list this year does seem a little curious. In earlier years, the Academy made headlines for its exclusion of Ellen Page, Amy Ryan, Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck from the invitations, who were all recent nominees. (Perhaps as an answer, Affleck, Ryan and Williams all received invites this year.)
Still, for the most part, the list is populated by expected names—Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Anne Hathaway, recent Oscar host Hugh Jackman and director Danny Boyle, who somehow had not been invited before this year. Other additions include director Thomas McCarthy (The Visitor) and writers Dustin Lance Black (Milk) and John August (Corpse Bride, Go). See the full list here.

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