A Sample of Free Summer Samplers

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A Sample of Free Summer Samplers

While some of us may disagree on whether or not our summer soundtracks include that one super-catchy new Grizzly Bear song, we can probably all agree on one thing: Free music, like free ice cream and free concerts, is even more awesome in the summer. So when record labels and other benevolent souls began offering free samplers to anyone with basic mouse-clicking motor skills, simply because it is that special time of year when the Earth's axis is inclined toward the sun, we felt it was our duty to share such wares with you. Below, then, are four of the internet's best free musical offerings. Are we missing some? Share the love, and let us know in the comments.

Sub Pop Cybersex Digital Sampler : With a Geocities-reminiscent website that's almost more entertaining than the sampler itself, Sub Pop's "Cybersex" hits up Fleet Foxes, Handsome Furs, Tiny Vipers and more for delectable summer listening, and even ends with a gratuitous nod to Flight of the Conchords. Who needs Web 2.0 when you've got the ASCII-o-Matic? Once your retinas adjust to the malleable, dancing guitars and Paris Hilton's bouncing, ahem, pigtails, download the Not A Virus! sampler for a pretty diverse range of Sub Pop's current finest.