Snitches Get Stitches: Full-Contact College Quidditch Sweeps the Nation

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When any creative project starts out small and humble and then vastly expands, those involved face the proverbial challenge of staying grounded. Lucky for the college co-eds playing a now widely popular, real-world version of Quidditch (based on the magical airborne sport found in the Harry Potter books and films), this isn't really a concern. Despite their nearly seamless adaptation of the game from page to pitch, they still haven't sorted out that whole flying thing.

On a figurative level, however, these imaginative athletes should be described as anything but down-to-earth. Donning capes on their backs and hand-made broomsticks between their legs, these spirited undergrads deserve all the flight puns they've been awarded over the years in major media coverage. After all, what began as a shoestring operation of pick-up games outside a rural Vermont college dorm has taken off with the formation of the Intercollegiate Quidditch Assocation (IQA), which now boasts more than 160 participating colleges across the country. And as Intercollegiate Quidditch approaches its fifth terrestrial season, goals for the future are only getting bigger.

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