Sondre Lerche Announces New Album, Heartbeat Radio

Sondre Lerche
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Sondre Lerche makes us feel a little bit like slackers. At the ripe old age of 26, he has toured with Elvis Costello and Beth Orton and was put in charge of the entire soundtrack for Dan in Real Life. Now, he's about to release his sixth full-length album, Heartbeat Radio, on Sept. 8.

The album, which marks Lerche's debut on Rounder Records, will feature his old backing band, The Faces Down, as well as the mixing talent of Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, The White Stripes, My Morning Jacket).


1. Good Luck
2. Heartbeat Radio
3. I Cannot Let You Go
4. Like Lazenby
5. If Only
6. Pioneer
7. Easy to Persuade
8. Words and Music
9. I Guess it's Gonna Rain Today
10. Almighty Moon
11. Don't Look Now
12. Goodnight

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