Warp Records Celebrates Twenty Years With Warp(20) Box Set

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Twenty years ago, Warped Records opened its doors as a shop and record label in Sheffield, England. Too difficult to distinguish the "-ed" over the phone, they eventually dropped the last two letters and Warp Records was born. In the decades since, Warp has brought us the likes of sixty-something artists, among them Aphex Twin, Jamie Lidell, Gang Gang Dance, Squarepusher, LFO, and, more recently, Grizzly Bear and Battles. Now, the label is spending all of 2009 celebrating two decades of Warp—the perfect excuse for a premium box set.

Warp(20) is a cornucopia of music, artwork and design—because after all, Warp is known for more than their pioneering roster of musicians. The Warp name has equal pull in the design world, after the company's two decades spent pairing cutting-edge graphic designers, photographers and videographers with their music. The box set reflects this in its inclusion of standard box set fare (exclusive rarities and favorite tracks from their illustrious musical history) swathed in embossed charcoal paper topped with a Dan Holdsworth photograph.