Chris Brown Inspires Ultimate Wedding-Entrance Video

Chris Brown
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A friend sent us this video clip yesterday morning. We clicked on it, loved it, noticed the play count was about 77,000. Pretty impressive for a home movie from some random wedding in Minnesota!

When we re-loaded the clip last night, we noticed the play count was over 466,000. And when we cued it up this morning, it was over 1.3 million. So, welcome to the latest YouTube sensation: an endearing, exuberant clip of a wedding procession to Chris Brown's "Forever." If the vid didn't have such mass appeal, we'd suspect that Brown clicked on it 1.29 million times as part of some image-rehabilitation plan—but no, this clip is good enough to have blown up on its own. Congratulations to Jill and Kevin, whoever you are! You give new meaning to the phrase "wedding party." Watch the video now, dear reader, if you haven't already:
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