Where the Wild Things Are Featurette Shows Maurice Sendak's Approval of Forthcoming Movie

Maurice Sendak
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There's a lot of hype out there about the forthcoming silver-screen adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are and, admittedly, we're riding on the ever-growing bandwagon that's feverishly following every new detail about Spike Jonze's take on the book. The release of the trailer had people drooling for weeks, and now, a new featurette that focuses on Maurice Sendak's seal of approval is likely to summon more salivation.

The three-minute clip, originally posted on Entertainment Weekly's website, has several intimate, candid interviews with Jonze, Sendak and Dave Eggers, who all had a hand in sculpting the film version of WTWTA. Sendak sounds as passionate about the movie as Jonze does, and it's easy to see why: The extra bits of movie footage in the featurette, full of monsters and sunshiney landscapes, show a book beautifully brought to life.

Watch the featurette for Where the Wild Things Are:

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