Entroducing DJ Shadow's New Website: Selling Goods Without a Middle Man

DJ Shadow
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Collecting DJ Shadow releases can be a bit intimidating. For the novice vinyl collector, frankly, it's hard to know where to begin with the San Francisco phenomenon. But with the recent relaunch of his website, Shadow's massive catalog became infinitely easier to manage.

That's because the Bay Area DJ has negotiated a deal with Universal Music Group licensing him to sell his music digitally and physically through his website without going through a third party. The new Shadow store allows fans to purchase physical releases including CDs and vinyl, unreleased material, deluxe versions of previously released albums, live performances, rehearsal demos and free interviews for download.

“Obviously, there are plenty of artists with digital-download stores, but Universal has never done this before,” DJ Shadow told Wired.com. “The store is basically a break-even proposition. But I want to take care of people from the moment they click on the site to the moment they leave. And now if you are a major-label artist, you can do it, too. We have all the contracts in place."

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