Gillian Anderson Hints at Third X-Files Movie (Maybe)

Gillian Anderson
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A fansite devoted to The X-Files, X-Files News, has managed to get some traction out of a tiny report at the Sarajevo Film Festival, where series co-star Gillian Anderson apparently said “of course I will agree on making the new X-Files movie.”

The quote hasn’t been confirmed, but even if it is authentic, it’s fair to say that’s a far-off possibility. As with many fansites, X-Files News seems as happy to make news as it is to report it, althoughBloody-Disgustingdoes say it has caught wind of a possible franchise reboot. The most recent X-Files movie,I Want to Believe, limped to $21 million in North American grosses but had a better run overseas and most likely made it into the black.