Karen O Unveils Where the Wild Things Are Song "All is Love"

Karen O
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It's been a long, long road to travel toward the release of Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, but it's finally seeming like this flick is going to hit screens. And it'll have a killer soundtrack.

As far back as 2007, Paste reported that Yeah Yeah Yeahs' frontlady Karen O had signed on to write music for the movie, and only a couple years later, we've got an actual song. The tune is called "All is Love" and can be heard on the Where the Wild Things Are MySpace page, where it's credited to Karen O and the Kids.

The kiddies in question here are two-fold, including YYYs members Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, Aaron Hemphill of Liars, Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox. But there are real kids, too; the seriously sunshiney tune features a children's choir singing (shouts of "Hey!" and "Woo!" abound) and clapping along. There's whistling too!

The soundtrack drops Sept. 29 and the movie debuts Oct. 16.  If you had any sort of imagination as a child, the time to start getting excited is now. As Miss O screams at the track's opening, "One, two, ready, go!"

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