My Brightest Diamond Contributes Tracks to Tasty Static Video Game

My Brightest Diamond
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My Brightest Diamond provides music to cruise to in a new video game called Tasty Static, a remake of the 1993 Bluemoon Interactive game Skyroads, that's available as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. According to Leo Alterman, the college student behind the game, "Tasty Static is a video game where you go really fast and jump a lot. You'll probably get really annoyed along the way too." Alterman samples the tracks "Ice and the Storm" and "Apples," to which players drive a spacecraft and skip between colorful geometric panels.

The whimsical, feminine and often classical sound of singer/multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden seems an unlikely fit for a driving adventure game, but as Alterman tells Paste, "The two tracks I sampled had the kind of mystical-yet-digital feel that I wanted to evoke in the game. When I listen to them, at least, they make me feel like I’m going on a journey. That’s exactly what you want in a game soundtrack."

Alterman originally heard My Brightest Diamond during her April performance with The Decemberists on The Colbert Report and was struck by her voice. "A few months later, I was play-testing Tasty Static when 'Apples' came up on my iTunes playlist. It fit perfectly with the game," he says. He e-mailed My Brightest Diamond and her label, Asthmatic Kitty, asking permission to use the track. "A few hours later Shara personally replied to the e-mail with some very kind words about the game. I was pretty surprised."

This isn't a first for Asthmatic Kitty. According to John Beeler, who a colleague calls the label's "resident futurist and IT guy," the folks at AK love working with video-game developers. Asthmatic Kitty artist Chris Schlarb composed the soundtrack to the forthcoming action-puzzle game Night Game. And last year, the label released Music For Videogames v. 1, a compilation intended to be played alongside the game Audiosurf which smartly adapts its pace to match the tempo of the gamer's playlist.

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