Big Boi Talks Solo Album, Outkast Album, Label Uncertainty

Big Boi
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Just when you thought it was safe to start comparing them to Guns N' Roses, the gentlemen of Outkast may finally be coming out of hiatus and back into the spotlight.

The ingredients were all there, too.

Both acts released hugely successful double albums at the peak of their careers (we'll call “Roses” Outkast’s “November Rain”), then shuttered themselves in the sound booth for years keeping hopes afloat with frequent mentions that, yes, the album is coming.

But while Chinese Democracy, left, well, much to be desired, the new material from Outkast—at least, new solo work from Big Boi (the Slash to Andre 3000’s Axl Rose), that is—is not only great, but also finished, he assured us last night. “The album is done. It’s in the can," Big Boi told Paste at Atlanta's Velvet Room. "I’ve been working on it now for two years and nine months. It is ready to be released.”

Rumors about the alliteration-filled Sir Lucious Leftfoot: Son of Chico Dusty have been floating around the internet for over a year now. The first apparent track from the record, “Royal Flush,” which features Andre, was released in March 2008 and Big Boi promised the record by that fall.

Then fall came and went. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt; maybe he meant fall 2009 all along. “The album will be out within the next three months,” he said last night, setting the prospective release to drop sometime by November.

Despite nearing the six-year mark since the massively successful Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Big Boi never felt rushed. “You never have to worry that your momentum will fade when you’re a champion. We’ve already got eight or nine Super Bowl rings,” he said. “People are always going to love real music, and they know that when I bring it, I bring it all the way.”

But it may not be that easy. Big Boi left Jive in June for an apparent deal with Def Jam, but as of late, he’s been hushed about the details—namely, if the deal even exists. “I can’t say much, but as soon as there’s ink on paper, I’ll let y’all know,” he said.

As for an actual Outkast album, Big Boi was similarly quiet about details, but the long-delayed record does seem at least certain to happen…eventually. “We’ve been in the studio a couple of times listening to beats for the tracks," he confirmed. "We’re making the skeleton of an album right now. We’re working on it.”

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