Ryan Adams: Video Game Blogger

Keeping up with Ryan Adams has always been a bit of an adventure. Be it following his rumor-mill dating lifeand eventual marriage to former pop-queen Mandy Moore , his on and off-stage dramatics and, of course, his desire to consistently release music, the ride of being a die-hard Ryan Adams fan is more of a wooden rollercoaster than a carousel. Recently, Adams threw a new and arguably exciting turn in his career trajectory: video game blogger. Sort of.

The Awl , a website that chronicles "resonant, weird, important, frightening, amusing bits of news," now has Adams on board as a sometime columnist. Mostly about video games, sometimes about other related topics, like Bruce Willis.

His column is called Long Player, and based on his first entry, that's a pretty fitting name. Adams' first post, called "Gorf, The End of the World and The Legacy of Danzig" and attributed to D. R. Adams, is basically the blog post equivalent to Adams' online-only musical output (which, of late, has included booty-rap, piano cabaret and spazz-core metal). That is, it's all over the damn place.

Adams writes about his father ("He obviously never heard the whole "Don't hate the player, hate the game" thing, but then he never was much of a gangsta"), the moon ("That fucking thing is covered in cosmic ACNE") and second-tier hair metal bands ("Whitesnake is the perfect theme music for most accidental firework injuries where I come from"), along with the three topics outlined in the post's title.

Oh, and he does eventually get to video games, too. "I still play console arcade games. It feels like a more complete experience. The consoles themselves are really beautiful. I love all those fantastic flashing lights, the panels, the artwork; It's like picking on somebody your own size."

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