Seventy-One Disc (!!!) Miles Davis Box Set Coming in Nov.

Miles Davis

When it comes to boxed sets, there are the ambitious (Nada Surf's box of reissued vinyl), the self-indulgent (Neil Young's 10-disc, $300 collection of live sets) and then the downright incredible, WTF-were-they-thinking moments.

Enter The Complete Columbia Album Collection, a forthcoming Miles Davis set that includes 70 CDs and a DVD. Yep, 71 pieces total. As in, more albums than were ever released by The Stones, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin put together.

The set will hit shelves (probably knocking a few of them over in the process) on Nov. 10 via Columbia/Legacy. The title basically says it all: every record Davis ever released for Columbia with gobs and gobs of bonus tracks. The DVD is a reissue of Live in Europe '67 paired with Davis' Isle of Wright Festival performance from 1970.

Oh, and there'll be a 250-page book, too. Phew.

All told, though, the $369.98 price tag doesn't seem so high, especially when you consider that translates to just north of $5/disc. Plus, with that math, the book is free!

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