James Cameron, Panasonic Aim to See Life in 3-D

James Cameron
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When you think of watching something in 3-D in the comfort of your own home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably those schnazzy blue-and-red glasses (modeled above, nicely). But as they're wont to do, the times, they are a-changin'. With the help of director James Cameron (pictured above, nicely), Panasonic is working on re-defining three-dimensional home entertainment.

Cameron's upcoming film, Avatar, was shot completely using 3-D technology, and according to DailyTech.com, the director said, "I believe 3-D is how we will experience movies, gaming and computing in the near future. ... Panasonic’s brilliance is demonstrated by their 3-D presentation for the home."

The electronics manufacturer has been focusing on bringing 3-D technology into homes for awhile now. In 2010, Panasonic hopes to release a stereoscopic 3-D plasma home theater system that will replicate the experience of going to an actual movie theater with special TVs and Blu-Ray players. Avatar could be the first film released on Blu-Ray disc.

Although Cameron named Panasonic as the only audiovisual partner for his latest project, this does not mark the beginning of an exclusive relationship between Panasonic and Fox, the company behind Avatar. "Content is the driver and we're certainly looking forward to working with not only Fox's Avatar, but with Disney, Lionsgate and other companies," Panasonic's chief technology officer, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, told Variety.

With such a potential wide scope and a big Hollywood name lending support, it seems like it might be about time to brainstorm what to do with those flimsy glasses.