Cat Stevens Announces First Tour Dates in 33 Years

cat stevens
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For awhile there, it seemed like Cat Stevens was gone forever.

After converting to Islam in the late '70s, Stevens changed his name to Yusuf Islam and more or less disappeared from the pop-music map. The body of work he left behind, though, was solid enough to keep fans engaged, from the huge Tea and the Tillerman down to the oft-forgotten soundtrack to cult romance flick Harold and Maude (which is more than worth checking out, though don't watch with your grandmother).

But (sing with us) ooh, baby, baby it's a wild world. Cat Stevens snuck back into pop music in 2006, releasing is first secular record since the '70s, and now he's taking his acoustic vibes on the road. Tell your mom to stop moaning about how she just doesn't get new music; Cat Stevens has returned. If you live in Europe, that is.

Fresh off his London performance in May at an Island Records 50th Anniversary gig, Mr. Islam has booked four gigs this season. Here are the dates:

15 - Dublin, Ireland @ The O2
23 - Birmingham, England @ The National Indoor Arena

5 - Liverpool, England @ Echo Arena
8 - London, England @ Royal Albert Hall

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