Ian Brown Wants to Work With...Rihanna?

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In a recent interview with the BBC, legendary former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown revealed a bit of news that fans have been waiting to hear for years...

The collection of tunes Brown wrote for his upcoming solo record, My Way, out Sept. 29 as an import, included two songs that he wanted to be hits for Kanye West and Rihanna. Although both tracks did end up on the album—and thereby not on American radio with a snappy 'Ye verse or Rihanna hook—doesn't mean Brown wants them all to himself.

The Rihanna-intended tune, "Stellify," is actually Brown's first single off of My Way. Still, Brown told BBC's Steve Lamacq, that he'd like to see her have at it. "I’d like to write songs for other people, I’d like to finish that 'Stellify' for Rihanna, and I would like to get into that side of it."

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