Saga of He-Man Continues: A Possible Move to Columbia Pictures

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The embattled remake of the classic cartoon from the 1980s has switched directions...again. Mattel, who owns the rights to He-Man, is in talks with Columbia Pictures about taking up the fledgling live-action movie.

The He-Man film, based on the popular animated TV show He-Man: Masters of the Universe, has had a bumpy ride. Optioned by Warner Brothers in 2007, it went through several scripts, and several writers. Director John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) was brought on board with the project earlier this year, and Joel Silver was producing. But through multiple changes and rewritten drafts, it seemed that Mattel and WB could not agree on an approach to the film, most recently entitled Grayskull. One of the early drafts of the film was a 300-like story about the battle between good and evil, in which the warrior He-Man is touted as the last hope for the land of Eternia, which has been ravaged by technology and the evil Skeletor. At a creative deadlock, when the option for the film lapsed earlier this month, both Mattel and WB agreed to go their separate ways.