Tori Amos Announces Seasonal Album, Midwinter Graces

Tori Amos
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Tori Amos ' songs have blanketed a variety of subjects over her long and lauded career, but rarely of the merry/jingle/deck-the-halls variety. Perhaps she was saving the holiday sentiment up until now.

Not quite the classic-crammed Christmas record Bob Dylan will put out, Amos' new seasonal album, Midwinter Graces, is furnished with tracks that tickle her own nostalgia before the collective interest of frenzied shoppers and gift-givers. The record will play tribute to the carols that Amos played at Sunday services and Christmas Day celebrations at her father's church in the Baltimore area. Such songs were the beginnings of her music taste.

Amos will feature her own take on the holidays with original tracks like "Pink and Glitter" and "Our New Year." Midwinter Graces is due out Nov. 17 on Universal Republic.

Tracklisting for Midwinter Graces:

1.What Child, Nowell
2. Star of Wonder
3. A Silent Night with You
4. Candle: Coventry Carol
5. Holy, Ivy, and Rose
6. Harps of Gold
7. Snow Angel
8. Jeanette, Isabella
9. Pink and Glitter
10. Emmanuel
11. Winter's Carol
12. Our New Year

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