TV on the Radio Takes Hiatus, Breathes for First Time in Months

TV On The Radio
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The members of TV on the Radio are busy fellas—crafting some of the most beloved albums of the decade, touring extensively behind each one and talking to the hounding press. Not to mention the surely-countless hours spent on facial hair maintenance and upkeep.

So it makes sense that now, coming off a mountain of Dear Science hoopla, the band has decided to take some time off.

TVOTR frontman Tunde Adebimpe told MTV at Outside Lands last weekend, in a statement that just surfaced yesterday, "We've decided to take, well, the going theory is to take about a year off, because you have to go and live a life and change things up."

But lest you think the band will be sitting on couches eating Hot Pockets and watching So You Think You Can Dance, various solo and side projects are already released or in the works. Rain Machine, the new moniker for guitarist/singer Kyp Malone, has an album due Sept. 22 on Anti; Dave Sitek has already been working with Israeli act Pink Noise for a soon-to-drop release; and Adebimpe is featured on a new jam by Massive Attack. Phew, these folks will be keeping busy.

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