Vampire Weekend Reveal New Album, Contra

Vampire Weekend
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Her name is Kirsten. For days, the face of the preppy blond has been seen floating around the music blogosphere, though with no details of her origin and purpose. This changed yesterday, as Vampire Weekend announced details of their second full-length album and revealed the girl's vintage portrait as its cover art.

Contra will now be released Jan. 12 through XL, after frontman Ezra Koenig first alluded to a fall release date. Fans who have seen the band perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and elsewhere will recognize "White Sky," a Contra track now regularly featured in their live repertoire. However, they can still expect something new, even of that song.

"The recorded version is very different from how we played it on Fallon," Koenig told Entertainment Weekly in April. "Because we were still working on the recording, we decided to do this very slow acoustic version [on TV]. The real version is more like how we’ve been playing it live. There’s a lot of synth sounds, and it’s a little more pumped up."

"Just like the first album, I'm really excited how everything is tied in musically, lyrically and especially aesthetically," Koenig told NME yesterday.


1. Horchata
2. White Sky
3. Holiday
4. California English
5. Taxi Cab
6. Run
7. Cousins
8. Giving Up the Gun
9. Diplomat's Son
10. I Think Ur A Contra

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