30 Rock Review: "Stone Mountain" (episode 4.3)

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30 Rock Review: "Stone Mountain" (episode 4.3)

Two weeks ago, Todd VanDerWerff from the AV Club wrote a blog entitled “30 Rock’s Dangerous Decline and the Shadow of Will and Grace,” which I took some umbrage with mostly because I disagreed with many of the points ... and partially because there were a few that I did in fact agree with. He basically posited that the lack of character development and proliferation of plots has been what's bringing the show down, though that's a bit of a reduction of his argument.  Last week’s episode was particularly disappointing and made me question whether VanDerWerff was right on more than I’d initially thought.

Random Observations:

“Canada? That’s as good as Iraq.”

“Fred Dawkins, the incredibly overweight guy that pacman was based on, died.”

“At least he died doing what he loved … blogging on the Huffington Post.”

“This is going to be the scariest Prison parents’ weekend ever.”

“I’m not going to be pushed aside and forgotten … like that time at my sister’s funeral.”

"Being nice to the writers—interesting idea."

"God, are you doing this to me because I stole that blind guy's hot dog?"

“Could you close your blinds --- you’re really bumming us out.” -Writer’s note: kinda afraid that’s more what my party will be like, especially since I used to be a comedy writer …

“I want to go where nothing can happen to me … can you get me on Charlie Rose?”

-“Fatty Fat’s Sandwich Ranch” is the best title I’ve ever heard for a restaurant.

“All of humankind has one thing in common - the sandwich.”

“Who’d be surprised, your worldview is food based.”

“I’m engaged, but not on Halloween.”

“Why is everything a little different here? I hate it!”

-“Read my face” is both unquotable and the best joke of the episode.

“Are we cowabunga on this?”

-Two good sketches a week for one cast member would be amazingly hard for today's modern SNL.

“All God’s children are terrible.”

“To the Kia Sorento!”

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