Buy Your Very Own Clump Of Elvis Presley's Hair!

Elvis Presley
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Some people think Elvis Presley is overrated. Others want to give recording contracts to his grandchildren. But others? Well, others want to purchase his hair.

This Sunday, the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers of Chicago will auction a clump of the King's hair to the highest (and, let's not mince words here, probably most-insane) bidder. According to the Associated Press, the hair could date as far back as 1958 when the singer sported his Army-issue crew cut for his time in the service.

This particular thatch of the King's mane was validated by another veteran hair collector who claims that his lump of Presley's hair was also obtained by an Army barber.

Along with this precious tuft of Elvis vestige, people will have the opportunity to bid on all kinds of aged accoutrements, like bits of the King's clothes, sweat-stained scarves and various pieces of Presley-tainted hand-me-downs.

If you have no idea how much a decent lock of Elvis hair costs these days, then know this isn't the first auction (!!!) to feature his famed clippings. In 2002, a similar bunch of Presley's hair was auctioned for a flattering $115,000.