Microsoft Bows Out as Sponsor for Family Guy Television Special

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Microsoft  is now the latest to call foul on Seth MacFarlane, as the company relinquished sole sponsorship of the upcoming Family Guy television special.

As Variety reported Monday, Microsoft decided that the content was “not a fit with the Windows brand” after viewing an early version of the special. Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show appears to feature the usual Family Guy fare: MacFarlane, Alex Borstein (voice of Lois Griffin), and jokes about deaf people, the Holocaust and incest. However, the company sent several notes of concern regarding its content, paying special attention to live-action sequels in which MacFarlane and Borstein act as Latino housekeepers.

Fox had originally planned to air the special without commercials, while instead blending Windows 7 programming with the animation and live performances. The television network still plans to air the final version on Nov. 8, though it has yet to name another sponsor or address how its advertising will change.