Kanye West Retreats to India for Ashram Rehab

Kanye West
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Kanye West’s no-show at the BET awards and cancellation of his tour with Lady Gaga left all of us wondering what Mr. By-Himself-He-So-Impressed was up to. Well, turns out it’s not so much a “what” as it is a “where.” India, to be specific.

According to the _NME, West has been feeling terrible about his, shall we say, run-in with Taylor Swift, and sees it as another sign of his life going in the wrong direction. And since we know Kanye rarely pauses in the middle ground while he’s swinging between extremes, it’s not that surprising to learn he’s totally stepping out of the spotlight and heading to Pondicherry, India for some R&R at an ashram.

No word yet on where the MaharishiMahesh_Yogi fits into the equation, but one can only hope West will return sporting a wizened beard and a raft of sitar samples for his next album.

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