Timbaland Recruites Rather Odd Crew for New Album

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We’re not too cool to say it: We liked that Timbaland solo album. You know, the one with “The Way I Are” and “Apologize.” Admit it, you liked it too. The record, Timbaland Presents: Shock Value, didn’t have, you know, oodles of artistic value, but it was full of unabashed pop music with huge hooks, even bigger beats and, somehow, Elton John.

But for Timbaland’s next solo venture, he seems to be stretching his luck with the “Pop stars + Timbaland = Dance songs with street cred” formula.

The new disc, entitled Shock Value II, will have an even more, um, eclectic, cast than its predecessor. It includes Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake (decent pop trio!), as well as The Fray, Miley Cyrus and, wait for it, Nickelback.

Now we’re optimistic folks here at Paste, so we won’t fret quite yet. But let’s just hope it doesn’t end up sounding like this.

Shock Value II is due Nov. 24.