Tumblr's Reblog This Film Festival to Hit Computer Screens Near You

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Tumblr has long been the way to go for  simple, DIY blogging. The site gives even tech-novices the confidence that they can do just about anything. Now, with the site's first film festival, called Reblog This Film Festival, Tumblr thinks they can too.

Although details are scant at this point, here's what we know: for the next few weeks, Tumblr users are encouraged to create and load homemade short films to Tumblr.com/Films. The pieces have to be between 5 and 10 minutes. Any other restrictions? Nope! Any prizes or real recognition? Nope! It's kind of a ready, set, make stuff! mentality for a film festival, but no one said this had to be Cannes.

In a couple more weeks, says the site, "We'll descend on Hollywood to showcase IRL (In real life, newbies) just some of the amazing creative work that inspires us every day." In other words, film six minutes of yourself reacting to LOLCats and you probably won't make the cut.

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