Upstart Filmmaker Chronicles Life on the Road with Deer Tick

Last year, Cory Lovell lived the dream of so many music fans, spending the much of fall 2008 on the road with his favorite band, Deer Tick. But he's hardly your run-of-the-mill fanboy. Nope, Lovell spent the whole time working to create a documentary that would capture the pre-fame essence of the hard-partying and harder-rocking crew.

In the end, he told Paste, he emerged overstressed and totally broke, but he got his doc—and it'll hit the public on Oct. 30 and 31 at the Vermont International Film Festival and Nov. 3 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

The documentary, called Deer Tick: To the City of Sin!, was shot at a pivotal time for the band—its re-release of debut album War Elephant made for some indie buzz, but it was still months away from shout outs in most major publications, as well as an interview with admitted superfan Brian Williams.

"The best compliment [about the film] was 'You really captured what these guys are like offstage just as normal people,'" said Lovell. "And that's something that, at this point, no one will get to do again."

Though the project could've easily come off as a fan's ploy to hang out with his heroes, Lovell was genuinely motivated to document the people behind Deer Tick's alcohol-friendly stage banter and offstage antics.

"John [McCauley III, singer] is an elusive cat. He is really peppy and funny and in your face one second, and then he is mumbling incoherently to himself the next," said Lovell. "But somewhere in between he writes these incredible songs that the band brings to life...they love the music and could care less if they were playing for five people or 5,000."

Watch a trailer for Deer Tick: To the City of Sin! right here: