Welcome to the Naptime: Guns N' Roses Gets Remade as Lullabies

Guns N' Roses
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“Mr. Brownstone,” one of the many classic jams on Guns N’ Roses’ brilliant debut Appetite for Destruction, is all about being hopelessly addicted to heroin. It seems only natural, then, that the song would be featured on an album of lullabies for children, right?


Ready or not, here comes Rockabye Baby Lullabye Renditions of Guns N’ Roses, a collection of classics re-imagined as hushed instrumental lullabies, all done with sleep-friendly instruments like mellotrons, vibraphones and bells instead of, you know, Slash’s face-demolishing guitars.

This is only the latest edition of Rockabye Baby’s soothing musical concoctions; other bands to get the baby treatment include Bob Marley, AC/DC, Coldplay, Metallica and Bjork (definitely the one most likely to induce twisted dreams about swans.

The Guns N’ Roses volume (out now) includes the obvious hits (“Welcome to the Jungle,” “Paradise City,” “November Rain”) and forgotten gems (“Estranged,” “Yesterdays”). Absent, however, are tracks from Chinese Democracy. Not trying to give these kids nightmares, after all.

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