Werner Herzog's Bizarro Nic Cage Flick Railroaded on Theatrical Release

Werner Herzog
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Although it played Toronto with some top critics championing it, Bad Lieutenant: Port Call of New Orleans has been scheduled for a split-second theatrical run on Nov. 20 followed by a DVD release on Feb. 23.

Werner Herzog’s loose remake of the ’90s cult film stars Nicolas Cage in a performance that’s been called his most exuberant in years. The film’s commercial appeal likely would have been limited by whacked-out energy that comes naturally to a high-energy movie that pairs Herzog and Cage, but the move to position it essentially as a direct-to-DVD title is still a surprise given the pedigree. The movie also stars Eva Mendes and Val Kilmer.

The Playlist positions the decision as a missed opportunity for another Paranormal Activity buzz builder, and though that’s probably a stretch, the trailer does suggest the movie is something special: