Wes Craven Confirmed for Scream 4

Wes Craven
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Not all slasher movies receive Saw’s assembly line production method. (Good news! You can already expect Saw VII 3-D and Saw VIII.) Some are given careful thought. After nearly 10 years since the Scream trilogy saw its completion, Wes Craven has finally and officially hopped aboard to helm the fourth installment to the series.

Craven will also bring back originals Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, though the extent of their parts in the new story remains a mystery at this point, according to Cinema Blend.

Since the last Scream hit theatres in 2000, Craven has kept his horror wits sharpened with a frantic Rachel McAdams in the thriller Red Eye, and his latest project, 25/8, about a serial killer (who knew?) who returns to his hometown and stalks a horde of youngsters that share the same unfortunate birthday as the day he was supposedly killed.

Whatever the story is for Craven’s upcoming Scream addition, it can’t be too bad with writer Kevin Williamson at the script. Williamson penned the first Scream and unconventional-sequel-that-doesn’t-suck, Scream 2. His writing absence was more than evident in the third installment.

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