ABC's V on Hiatus Until 2010

ABC’s rebooted and dolled-up sci-fi drama V debuted to an impressive audience of 14.3 million viewers on Nov. 3, and despite the criticisms about mediocre writing and humdrum story lines, it still kept 10.7 million viewers for its second week—not half bad for a show still in its infancy. Still, these numbers aren’t enough to make the network rethink the series’ preemptive hiatus, one that’s been planned from the beginning. After next week’s fourth episode, V’s alien visitors won’t be returning to primetime until March 2010.

The show’s nearly four-month break is a part of ABC’s strategy to present V in small increments. “It’s important for the audience to know that this was the original intent – to broadcast this thing in a unique way,” said former Party of Five star Scott Wolf to, who plays the show’s ambitious reporter, Chad Decker. “Because of the size and the scope and the intensity of the story, a standard series broadcast didn’t seem like the right fit, and so ABC and Warner Bros., from the beginning, thought they wanted to give it a special treatment. As opposed to a regular series with a gap in the middle, they want to tell the story in chapters.”

The hiatus will also keep V from competing against NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage, which is sure to draw in a strong viewership. In the meantime, Wolf is confident that ABC will keep its large audience by the series’ return. “We hope our biggest problem is that people can barely wait for it to come back.”