Amy Heckerling Starts Work on Vampire Romantic Comedy

Amy Heckerling
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Vampires sure are hot right now. It seems that every filmmaker is trying their hand at fang-faced movie these days. The outrageous success of the Twilight series has made vampires the subject du jour in everything from comedies to dramas to TV series. Now, writer-director Amy Heckerling is the latest to announce that she will be making a vampire flick.

Heckerling is responsible for some of great comedies of the past, from Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Clueless, and the latest announcement is that her next project will be a romantic comedy. This sounds like enough of a twist on the genre to make for an interesting project, and Heckerling’s filmography does engender cautious optimism. Although her recent films have been less than stellar (the last movie she made was 2007’s straight-to-video I Could Never Be Your Woman), she’s demonstrated her ability to make funny, clever movies in the past.

The film, entitled Vamps, is described as the story of two female vampires living in New York who must decide if they will “jeopardize their immortality” when a love interest comes into the picture. Krysten Ritter (Confessions of a Shopaholic, TV’s Gilmore Girls) is cast as one of the vampires, which will be one of her first lead roles in a major film to date.

Casting is under way to fill the role of Ritter’s vampire cohort. Filming for Vamps is set to begin in March of 2010.