Beatles Albums Come Together on Special USB Drive, Out in December

Four decades of rock ‘n’ roll greatness, and it’ll all be the size of your thumb. That’s the thought behind Beatles in Stereo, the first legal degital version of The Beatles’ catalog to be released. Containing all 14 albums and 13 mini-documentaries, the release will come in the form of a USB thumb drive shaped appropriately like an apple.

Although a USB drive isn’t exactly what many might consider a “digital release,” it’s certainly a step towards an issue that Beatles fans have been gnawing at for years—the band’s catalog’s availability for sale online. The little apple-shaped device will be set free on Dec. 8, but don’t expect to see these dangling from everyone’s keychain—only 30,000 will be released.

The release comes at an interesting time for The Beatles’ legacy: A website called recently began selling the band’s music online without any permission from EMI or Apple Corps., which own the right to The Beatles’ musical estate. EMI has already filed a copyright-infringement lawsuit against the site, which, as you read this, still has the whole catalog illegally for sale. Check it out right here, but don’t be surprised at the influx of bad karma coming your way if you buy one.