HBO, The Wire Producers to Adapt Rolling Stone Writer's Appetite for Self-Destruction

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Producers of The Wire will soon focus on the downfalls and digital downloads characterizing today’s music industry.

The inspiration is Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age, a book written by Rolling Stone contributing editor Steve Knopper. Appetite for Self-Destruction chronicles a 30-year history, starting with the downfall of disco, ending with the rise of digital downloads, and trekking through the battle with Napster and decline of CD sales along the way.

As Knopper revealed recently on his blog, American Beauty producer Bob Cooper first called saying he wanted to option the rights to HBO for a film, before Spinner reported that The Wire producers hope to create a television drama.

Once the television network purchased the rights, HBO enlisted playwright Victoria Stewart, 2007 Francesca Primus Prize winner, as the screenwriter. Stewart’s adaption is said to focus first and foremost on Sony Music executives mentioned early on in Knopper’s work.

Appetite for Self-Destruction was released last January, years after Knopper began reporting on the business aspect of the music industry, including victims of digital-download lawsuits.