Jay-Z Signs The Ting Tings to Roc Nation

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Jay-Z’s ongoing relationship with indie rock continues to flourish after signing The Ting Tings to his Roc Nation label, according to British news sources.

According to someone close to the Ting Tings, Jay-Z is hoping to work with the band as well. “Jay is hoping to lend his production skills to some of the new material,” the source told U.K. newspaper Daily Star. “The staccato rhythmic style of the Ting Tings sits well with what he does best, so that was the attraction. Jay can make them one of the biggest British bands in America.”

Of course, with “That’s Not My Name” peaking at No. 18 on Billboard’s Pop Songs charts, the Ting Tings have already proven they do just fine on their own. But a little Hova star power could add appeal to their snappy pop rock.

Jay-Z’s relationship with indie rock first appeared as a late-summer fling, thanks to sightings at a Grizzly Bear show. But his courtings with the genre have grown more frequent, as he nabbed Regina Spektor’s “Chemo Limo” for an upcoming single, then almost got MGMT for a Blueprint 3 collaboration.