Jonathan Richman to Celebrate Turkeys on Saturday

Jonathan Richman
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Just because turkeys are traditionally killed and eaten for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the holiday as well. This is America, after all—a land of equal opportunities for man and bird alike.

This Saturday (Nov. 21), living turkeys will be revered in Farm Sanctuary annual Celebration FOR the Turkeys. The group is the nation’s top farm animal protection organization, and its yearly event features Thanksgiving-themed events that don’t include ingesting tryptophan. This year’s celebration includes an appearance from The L Word’s Daniela Sela and a performance by legendary singer-songwriter and former Modern Lover, Jonathan Richman.

Further spreading the bird-friendly vibes is the Feeding of the Turkeys ceremony, in which rescued turkeys get their own thanksgiving feast—squash, pumpkin pie and cranberries. Wouldn’t be surprised if some fearless children jump in as well.

The whole thing goes down in Orland, Calif. Make reservations for you and yours here.