Josh Rouse Announces New Album, El Turista

Josh Rouse
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While inspired by his newfound life in Valencia, Spain, singer-songwriter Josh Rouse created his eighth full-length studio effort, now set for an early 2010 release.

El Turista thus continues where 2007’s Country Mouse City House left off. It contains songs first popularized by Bola de Nieve, a composer often compared to Louis Armstrong, and folk music stylings from Cuba, Brazil, Spain and Venezuela.

“I know it’s kind of funny, this Midwestern guy doing Brazilian songs in Spanish,” the Nebraska native said in a statement. And so he balances the album with a dash of his own Midwestern roots, primarily shown in his own interpretation of “Cotton Eye Joe.”

El Turista is out Feb. 16 through Bedroom Classics/Nettwerk, though an EP of its first single, “Valencia,” is out now through iTunes.

1. Bienvenido
2. Duerme  
3. Lemon Tree
4. Sweet Elaine
5. Mesie Julian
6. I Will Live On Islands
7. Valencia
8. Cotton Eye Joe
9. Las Voces
10. Don’t Act Tough