Liam Gallagher to Continue Oasis With New Band Name, Without Noel

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Does a rock group become a completely new band if one member leaves? Ex-Oasis guitarist and songwriter Liam Gallagher would likely answer yes—especially when that member is his brother Noel. During an interview to support his Pretty Green clothing line, Gallagher told an Italian radio station that the remaining members of Oasis (as in, everyone but Noel) will continue as a reformed band under a different moniker.

After several minutes of back and forth translation between radio hosts and Gallagher, Liam finally got down to what most folks were wondering: Will he be playing music “We’re sort of doing things at the moment,” Gallagher said. “Not Oasis. Oasis is done. Everyone except for Noel.”

Oasis disbanded in August after, as Liam explains in the interview, Noel mishandled one of Liam’s guitars, after which Liam took on of Noel’s guitars and smashed it. “I didn’t smash the guitar on him,” he said. “I wish I had.”

Watch the full interview below: