Lil Wayne Documentary The Carter Gets Straight-to-DVD Release

Lil Wayne
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After stirring up both critical reviews and a lawsuit over the past year, Lil Wayne documentary The Carter is going to straight to DVD, its public release occurring next week.

Its Sundance premiere) in January inspired Variety to call it the “Don’t Look Back of rap,” a reference to D.A. Pennebaker’s take on a 1965 Bob Dylan tour. Director Adam Bhala Lough and Quincy Jones III-run distributor QD3 Entertainment boasted of the film’s revealing nature, as it magnifies the rapper’s use of pot and cough syrup during his trek through the United States and Amsterdam.

In their lawsuit, Lil Wayne and his management claimed that they did not approve of what had aired at Sundance, even though QD3 Entertainment promised them final say. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge later rejected their request to block distribution.

Watch the official trailer for The Carter, out next Tuesday, Nov. 17: